The Weekend SuperfineGet a mask.

After the rain, the clear sky is turning hazy again.

The density of ultrafine dust is increasing from the west.

Tomorrow, ultrafine dust levels are expected nationwide.

It's best to wear a mask when you go out 안전놀이터 and minimize the amount of time you spend outside.

It will continue to be more than usual until tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow it will be a little warmer.

The daytime temperature in Seoul is expected to be 16 degrees tomorrow and 11 degrees the day after tomorrow.

The Seoul metropolitan area and the central region will experience sporadic rain from dawn to morning.

In Gangwon Province, the morning temperature will be lower than today, and the daytime temperature will be 15 degrees Celsius, similar to today.

In the Yeongnam region, the morning temperature will drop by as much as 10 degrees Celsius, but in the middle of the day, Busan will rise by 20 degrees.

In Honam, there is expected to be 8 degrees of morning temperature in Jeonju and 18 degrees of daytime.

The ocean waves in the East Sea the central coast up to four m a very high.

On Sunday, the concentration of fine dust will be high in the southern region, and from night on Jeju Island, rain is expected.

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