Restrict Yang Jin-ho...Investigative power to prove the body of illegal pornography


An arrest warrant has been issued for Yang Jin-ho, the chairman of Korea's Future Technology, who has been accused of assault and forced to commit bizarre acts. Police investigations are expected to speed up, and 115 people are being investigated for hoarding illegal pornographic materials to a web-hard company.

This is Lee Hyun-young.


Yang did not show up at the court's hearing on the warrant.

[Byeon Woo-sup/Yang Jin-ho's lawyer: He gave up the warrant screening in the sense that he admitted his responsibility.

Sungnam Branch of Suwon District Court 사설토토 issued an arrest warrant in five hours after reviewing investigation records on alleged assault, coercion, and illegal distribution of pornographic materials.

Yang admitted to smoking cannabis during the investigation, but denied the charge of taking methamphetamine.

The police, who arrested Yang, are working to find out that Yang is the body of the 'illegal pornographic empire.'

To lock Yang down, Yang charged 14 employees of the web-hard company Wired Disk, File Nory and Mureka, a filtering company known as the real owner.

In addition, so-called Heavy Uploader, who put a large amount of illegal pornography on Webhard, has charged 115 people to complete the investigation.

The purpose of the project is to find out how the heavy loaders colluded with Yang in the process of raising illegally obtained pornographic materials and receiving monetary consideration.

Police are also tracking Yang's instructions or intervention in the process of distributing digital sex scenes.

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