At the end of the conflict...a power book


The Liberty Korea Party has forced all-out lawyers to step down from the task force. I've been notified by text. Lawyers for the gubernatorial party have been at odds with the party's emergency committee over the timing of the convention. The former lawyer announced today (September 9) a revelation involving Kim Byung-joon, the head of the emergency committee.

This is Kang Hee-yeon.


[Kim Yong-tae/Freedom Korea Party secretary general : The committee confirmed yesterday that the committee has no intention of agreeing on the decision and decided to dismiss the committee member from the position of the special committee member.)

It's been 37 days since I hired a lawyer.

The emergency committee unanimously decided to dismiss him, and the former lawyer was given a text message.

The series of comments made in-house 스포츠토토사이트 complaints.

[Powerbook/Venitorial Service] (KBS Radio 'Chung Joon-hee's Best Poet'): Why does this government call the candlelit protests 'Fire Revolution' and anyone with the Taegeukgi flag keeps saying?]

In particular, they ran head-on with the party leadership over the timing of the convention.

[Kim Byung-joon/Freedom Korea Party's Emergency Countermeasure Committee]: The party's discipline should not be shaken anymore, and the party's trust should no longer be broken.]

The former lawyer was disappointed when he heard the news of his dismissal.

I'm lying down. I don't think I'm in the mood for anything.

But soon, he appeared in front of reporters and hinted at the possibility of disclosing the party leadership. 

[Powerbook/Pilot: (Did Kim ask you to put a particular person in a conflict?) That was the beginning. It was so different from the first appointment. If I'd let you...]

The rest of the committee, except for the lawyer in the gubernatorial system, will continue to operate the task force.

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